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Published on June 8, 2023

Smoking is a key stage in the production of charcuterie, because it gives to the products a unique flavour and an irresistible appearance. Several methods of smoking are used in the charcuterie industry these days.

The main types of smoking used in charcuterie

The traditional method called "au tuyé’’ comes first. It is a ventilated room with a pyramid-shaped extractor for a continuous smoke evacuation through the roof via a large opening fitted with panels.  Smoking is done without mechanical ventilation and, in any case, without direct or indirect artificial propulsion of smoke on the products.  The smoking time has to be monitored to avoid too much PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) like Benzo(a)pyrene, which can cause harm to human health.

Smoking can also be done using a conventional smokehouse, the product being placed in a closed space with the only presence of smoke.  Friction by a log rubbing against a wheel generates the smoke.  These friction smokehouses generate smoke without reaching combustion, and thus no Benzo(a)pyrene is formed so that the below the maximum permitted level (2µg/kg) is complied with.

To get a smoky flavour, the addition of a smoke aroma may also be considered.  It is directly incorporated into the product's composition in liquid form and this must then appear in the ingredients list.

The last possible method is the use of liquid "smoke" (immersion, spraying, or atomisation). Immersion is when the product is immersed in the liquid smoke flavouring.  Spraying is when the flavour is sprayed as droplets onto the product.  And atomization is when the flavour fills the chamber in micro-droplets form.

Natural smoking at André Bazin

At André Bazin, in order to perpetuate this expertise in accordance with our virtuous efforts , we have decided to smoke our products naturally using quality wood coming from sustainably managed forests of our regions.  Based on the products to be smoked, we carefully select the type of wood. Indeed, for our hams, breasts, lardons, and bacons, we use beechwood and resinous wood for all our range of smoked products (Smoked sausages), Knacks, Diots, and IGP sausages.

Our smoking method is slow and monitored, thereby providing an  homogeneous and regular amber colour, without any impact on health.  We use a tuyé for premium products such as Morteau Sausages IGP Label Rouge, as well as conventional friction smokehouses without sawdust.

Our natural smoking method enables you to provide your customers with a premium taste and appearance charcuterie while claiming natural smoking. Do not hesitate to try our naturally smoked products and experience the André Bazin difference.

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